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FullScaleAV is full out with True Systems

TRUE Systems Premium microphone preamplifiers complement any quality microphone.

Nashville, TN – January 15, 2014 – Audio specialist FullScaleAV announced that it has added TRUE Systems, a highly regarded U.S.-based manufacturer of microphone preamplifiers, to its family of distributed brands. Currently, TRUE Systems offers high-performance microphone preamplifiers and 500 series modules. The products will be marketed through FullScale's existing professional audio, systems integration and musical instrument channels.

TRUE Systems preamplifiers, which are affordably priced and built with the highest-quality materials available, range from single-channel to eight channel models. The entire product line -- including the new 500 series modules -- delivers an unparalleled dimension of flexibility to users, making them ideal for use with a variety of microphone and instrument applications.

  • Precision 8:
    The Precision 8 is designed to provide 8 channels of the detailed, sonically transparent preamplification required for the highest quality tracking and live sound applications in a single rack space. Its built-in MS (Mid-Side) decoding, selectable high-impedance (DI) inputs, 5-segment level indicators, continuous gain controls, and flexible output configurations make it ideal as a complete input system for HDR's and DAW's.
  • P-Solo
    The P-Solo is a single-channel unit that features the same preamp design found in the Precision 8 and P2 Analog. This helps achieve a neutral, musical character, capable of delivering outstanding performance in every situation. The P-Solo microphone and instrument preamplifier offers outstanding high-end preamp quality at an affordable price in a compact, portable, and sturdy enclosure.
  • P-Solo Ribbon
    The TRUE Systems Solo Ribbon mic preamplifier is a single channel, analog output, microphone instrument preamplifier that has been optimized for superior performance with vintage and contemporary ribbon mics. With up to 76 dB of gain in two ranges, the P-Solo Ribbon has an electronically balanced, high impedance mic input, discrete FET instrument input, 80Hz high pass filter, a 4-segment LED bar graph level meter with signal present and overload indicators, plus a continuously variable gain control.
  • pT2-500
    As TRUE Systems' newest addition and TEC Award nominee, the pT2-500 is an API™ 500 series compatible module that incorporates TRUE Systems' new-technology Type 2 circuit design. This design provides the traditional ultra-resolution musicality of TRUE Systems' original design preamps, while adding analog depth and warmth. The new DI circuit calms piezo transducers and provides a THRU jack for easier amping and multi-effects.

"Like all of the brands that FullScale represents, TRUE Systems manufacturers a premium product that excels in performance, quality and workmanship,” commented Jeff Mac, President of FullScaleAV “We are really excited about the partnership with True Systems and while I am not sure that we can sell any audio equipment in the Galapagos, I really want to see one of those giant tortoises." 

"Our innovations in preamplifier circuit design are highly regarded by both our customers and the market at large," added Tim Spencer, founder and president of TRUE Systems. " This exciting partnership will enable us to realize creative synergism with many of Sennheiser's products while scaling our ability to provide new application solutions and reach new customers."


About TRUE Systems
TRUE Systems is an internationally acclaimed brand of premium professional recording and sound reinforcement products designed and manufactured by Sunrise Engineering and Design Inc. (Tucson, Arizona). TRUE Systems products are used in every segment of professional audio production including recording and broadcast studios, concert halls, remote recording and live sound, etc. The primary goal of the TRUE Systems brand is to provide a state-of-the-art solution for every application, at an affordable price point, without compromise to the sonic integrity or feature set of the products. TRUE Systems products are distributed in the U.S. via Sennheiser Electronic Corporation in Old Lyme, Connecticut. For more information about TRUE Systems products, visit

About FullScaleAV
FullScale AV is a wholesale distributor of professional audio and music products for North America. We began our business on 2005 as a division of Techrep Marketing LLC, one of the largest and most respected independent pro audio rep firms in the US. Full Scale AV provides sales and support of hardware and software products for musicians, live sound, recording, broadcast, film/video production and commercial installations.

You can find all the latest information on FullScaleAV by visiting our website at or by contacting:

Reverend Dan Bostick
Full Scale AV
National Sales and Marketing Manager

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"It's all about standing on the front line of where music is today and capturing the band's true sound with TRUE mic pres." -Chris Shepard


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TRUE Systems Testimonials

"The P-SOLO Ribbon, which comes in at well under $700.00, is performing at a level that's comparable to mic pres that cost five times as much."
Lee Groitzsch

"It's all about standing on the front line of where music is today and capturing the band's true sound with TRUE mic pres."
Chris Shepard

"The Neumann and the P2 Analog is the perfect combination to make the piano sound like it should."
Trinidad Sanchez III,
The Rippingtons

"The Precision 8 is very transparent sounding and very accurate. It's an excellent piece of equipment."
Marc Fuller, Grammy-nominated for Kanye West’s "College Dropout"

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