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Goldfinger band member, John Feldman adds a True Precision 8 mic pre to his home studio.


LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Producer, engineer, songwriter, A&R man, guitarist and vocalist, John Feldmann, frontman for the L.A.-based pop-punk-ska band Goldfinger for the past ten years, recently outfitted his home-based production facility with True Systems Precision 8 mic preamps. Originally purchased to help him obtain the guitar sound that he was seeking, the versatile eight-channel True mic preamp has since proved to be effective in many other applications, including on drum and room mics, according to Feldmann.

A longtime vegan, who somehow also finds the time in his busy schedule to be an ardent animal rights activist, Feldmann admits that he had no idea that Sennheiser distributed microphone preamplifiers. "I was looking at what was out there," he says, "and I just saw it in a local music store." But once he auditioned it, he continues, "It was a no-brainer for me. Out of at least a dozen mic pres the True Precision 8 was hands-down the best."

Looking for a specific sound he must have tried out twelve or fifteen different mic preamps, he recalls. "I wanted something that was going to be a little bit more guitar oriented, more lower mid-range. It's not like any of my mic pres are bad for guitar, they just weren't quite hundred percent."

He continues, "I put the guitars up, put three mics on my cabinet, and the Precision 8 just hands-down blew everything else away. It was perfect and exactly what I needed. It definitely adds a little color, and that's what I was looking for. I was looking to add some color to the guitar and not have it sound too spongy and warm, but still have that good upper mid-range grit to it."

The need to add another mic preamp to his collection came about when he changed his work methods last year, explains Feldmann, who has recorded and produced four albums in his private studio and is about to begin a fifth. "I ditched my Digidesign Control 24, because I don't mix with faders any more. I mix with the mouse in my computer. So I needed something to replace the Control 24's low-end Focusrite mic pres, which were fine for when I was doing demos, and being able to set everyone up and rehearse."

The Precision 8 certainly fit the bill for guitars, but its qualities have also made it perfect for room mics and drum overheads, he says. "I have a couple of Royer mics that I use for room sound and I use the True mic pres for that, and for all the high-end, like the hi-hats and the ride cymbal. I'm using it a little bit on the toms, as well, and I really like it."
The Sennheiser-distributed True Systems mic preamps might even find themselves paired with Feldmann's vintage Neumann U 67 microphones one day. "The first band I produced was a band called Showoff in '97 or '98. The engineer at the studio threw a couple of 67s on the room and I thought, this is the best sounding room I've ever heard! I went out and bought a pair a year later. They're great microphones."

Goldfinger's fifth album, "Disconnection Notice," was released on Maverick in February 2005. Playing to an enormous fan base worldwide, Goldfinger racked up 385 shows and a Guinness Book world record in 1996, performing on the Vans Warped Tour and with bands such as the Sex Pistols, No Doubt and Reel Big Fish.

Working with Maverick Records, Feldmann has signed and produced The Used, Goldfinger, Showoff, Unloco, Story of the Year and Mest, also producing Good Charlotte and No Motiv. He has additionally written songs with many of those acts, as well as Ashlee Simpson, and co-wrote Good Charlotte's chart hit, "Anthem."

The Precision 8 is designed and built by Sunrise Engineering, a design and build manufacturer located in Tucson, Arizona. Neumann distributes True Systems in the U.S.

Neumann's award-winning line of microphones has set the standard in the industry since 1928. In 1999, Neumann received the prestigious Technical Grammy(r) for their 70 years of innovation in microphone design and contribution to the music industry. A continuing commitment to provide innovative, technically refined products and engineering solutions of proven quality ensures that Neumann's stature will remain unassailable. Neumann USA is owned and distributed in the U.S. and Latin America by Sennheiser Electronic Corporation based in Old Lyme, Connecticut.

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"It's all about standing on the front line of where music is today and capturing the band's true sound with TRUE mic pres." -Chris Shepard


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"The P-SOLO Ribbon, which comes in at well under $700.00, is performing at a level that's comparable to mic pres that cost five times as much."
Lee Groitzsch

"It's all about standing on the front line of where music is today and capturing the band's true sound with TRUE mic pres."
Chris Shepard

"The Neumann and the P2 Analog is the perfect combination to make the piano sound like it should."
Trinidad Sanchez III,
The Rippingtons

"The Precision 8 is very transparent sounding and very accurate. It's an excellent piece of equipment."
Marc Fuller, Grammy-nominated for Kanye West’s "College Dropout"

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